Finastra FTI & FCC Features
End-to-end Process Management

The core back office system delivers accounting, fees and charges, risk and limits management, custom reporting, archiving, imaging, SWIFT payments, batch uploads and interfaces to business applications and processing modules.

Innovation in Processes

Supports the most comprehensive set of traditional trade instruments.

Pre-configured Workflows

Pre-packaged and seamless workflows for buyer and supplier centric supply chain finance programmes.

Multi-region Service Deliverables

Delivers the standardised processing and customisation needed to deliver best-in-class multi-region trade services.

Real-time Reporting

Customisable and interactive dashboards for SLA management across the entire business helping to monitor client programmes or transactions.

Effective Early Warning System

Automates credit approvals and flags violations with dedicated credit risk management tools for trade finance.

Finastra FTI & FCC Services
Finastra FTI & FCC Benefits

Increased Operating Margins

Reduces operational costs of manual processes, with centralised resources and processing to increase operating margin.


Opens new business opportunities

Offers highly efficient global trade execution capabilities and a richer digital experience, helping banks/ financial institutions win valuable new business.


Flexibility and customisation

Offers flexible workflow customisation to implement your target operating model.


Centralised monitoring

Provides centralised global SLA dashboards enabling functions to monitor from one central place than tracking siloed dashboards.


Unified and integrated channels

Integrated with digital corporate channels providing a unified single view, which is the best integrated portal functionality for trade.


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