Success of Fintech Hive at DIFC celebrated during investor day by tripling programme for 2018

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The 12 finalists of the FinTech Hive at DIFC accelerator programme 2017 are:

Bridg (United Arab Emirates)

Bridg is a ground-breaking mobile payments platform that enables smartphones to process a transaction regardless of the financial instrument or the connectivity of the device. Its patent-pending technology takes digital payments offline using Bluetooth, a ubiquitous communications protocol, to securely transmit and receive encrypted information in real-time. This technology gives the financial sector and large corporates access to the physical world with Bridg’s Software as a Service offering.

Delio (United Kingdom)

Delio is a complete solution for private assets, helping financial institutions and their advisors enhance their offering through connecting private deal flow with high net worth and ultra-high net worth capital. Providing flexibility and control, Delio’s configurable technology platforms can connect together multiple institutions so deal flow can be shared both internally and externally, increasing scalability in a structured and compliant manner.

Labiba (Jordan)

With people spending more time on messaging platforms than all digital channels combined, comes to help businesses capture that opportunity by allowing them to create artificially intelligent chat bots. These bots engage with audiences in one-to-one conversations using natural language to provide an unprecedented experience for marketing, operational and support functions.

Maliyya (Azerbaijan)

Maliyya is a Shariah-compliant P2P financing and investment start-up. Maliyya aims to disrupt the financial and investment services industry by bringing together regional and global financiers and borrowers. Maliyya plans to use big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies to provide investors and borrowers with optimal solutions for investing or mobilising financing.

Middleware (United States)

Middleware Company founded by Alexander Vityaz in 2014 in rocket building capital of Ukraine, Dnipro. Today Middleware Inc. is an American company that consists of 36 people. Key employees have 20+ years of experience in banking. Share CreditCard is a mobile application that allows customers to share access to the money on their cards instead of making a money transfer.

Norbloc (Sweden)

Norbloc focuses on financial regulatory applications built on distributed ledgers. Its KYC platform is probably the first globally legally approved KYC ecosystem allowing sharing of data validating stamps. It thus removes duplication of efforts on both bank and customer sides and allows KYC monetization opportunities.

Sarwa (United Arab Emirates)

Sarwa is the first hybrid automated investment management platform for young professionals in the Middle-East. Sarwa’s platform makes investing simple and affordable, by combining proven investment strategies with technology that drives down costs. Build your wealth with a personalized, low-cost, diversified portfolio and reach their investment experts at

Semantify (United States)

Semantify helps business users and data analysts interact with critical business data in ways that are natural to them using semantic and conversational interactions whilst leveraging the full power of sophisticated data analytics.

Starling (United States)

Starling is an applied behavioural sciences start-up helping financial services firms to manage culture- and conduct-related risks and to optimize performance. Starling’s Predictive Behavioural Analytics technology combines machine learning, organizational network analytics, and behavioural science to uncover invisible systemic risk; identify opportunities for proactive risk mitigation; and to unlock avenues for improved sales and team performance dynamics.


ThemeChain is a Blockchain framework that provides a rapid adoption path to all participants in the supply chain & trade finance value chains including importers, exporters, banks, regulators, shipping agents and insurance companies. ThemeChain gives them instant visibility across the value chain in a trusted, immutable network dramatically reducing time and cost of transaction completion. ThemeChain is a start-up spun off in 2016 by Encore Theme Technologies, a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) for trade finance and supply chain finance to leverage Blockchain technology based on their extensive domain expertise and system implementation experience.

WeInvest (Singapore)

WeInvest is Asia’s first digital wealth management solutions provider. Founded in 2015, WeInvest is headquartered in Singapore. WeInvest helps banks and FIs deliver a full suite digital investing experience to customers: at scale, with positive unit economics through a unique business model. At WeInvest, we believe that investing should be a happy, transparent & rewarding experience for customers. Unlike traditional software providers, we build, operate and manage the platform + operations as a full stack business.

Smart Crowd (United Arab Emirates)

Smart Crowd is a digital platform that allows investor an opportunity to participate in real estate market with low capital requirement through fractional ownership. Smart Crowd envisions leveraging blockchain to revolutionize real estate investing by streamlining the process, enhancing the user experience, creating efficiencies in our cost model and more importantly increasing transparency and security for all stakeholders involved.


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