Centrum Financial Services deploys Encore Theme’s ThemeChain

Published in IBS Intelligence
Encore Theme Technologies has today announced the deployment of its flagship product ThemeChain at  Centrum Financial Services.
hemechain/Inderjit Camotra, Executive Vice President, Centrum Financial Services said: “We were looking for a solution which could help us achieve the ‘Fit for Growth’ strategy. Encore Theme’s system has the strong capability of handling multiple invoices within the same batch as well as multiple batches for the same client.
“The team’s strong local knowledge has helped in developing a superior product that will empower and give us a competitive positioning in the market, enabling our vision to be a leader in the field of Supply Chain Finance. The solution will help us save on operational costs and provide a better quality of service. Our turnaround time goes up, service delivery KRAs look better and at the end of it the client is happy.”
Narayan Viswanathan, Executive Director, Encore Theme Technologies, added: “It is our privilege to work with the premier NBFC, Centrum Financial services. We are extremely delighted to partner with them in their growth journey. We are sure with this deployment, Centrum is well poised to leverage its investments in technology. This deployment is an important milestone in strengthening our footprint in the region. We have kept our design & framework of the product such that it will augment the growth drivers for all our client segments”.
Source: https://ibsintelligence.com/ibs-journal/ibs-news/centrum-financial-services-deploys-encore-themes-t

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