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Encore Theme is a technology specialist in the Banking and Financial services sector catering to the dynamic needs of the financiers in the lending segment. ThemePro is the next-generation SaaS and Cloud-based intelligent software solution bringing together business, customer and banks to deliver agile, collaborative, transparent and optimized solutions. ThemePro is ideal for retail, supply chain finance and corporate lending for NBFCs, banks and financial institutions, as it can be customized and easily integrated with existing legacy software solutions. ThemePro is your go-to automation tool that helps optimizing efficiency and enhances overall productivity. With Encore Theme you not only get a strong technology partner but some of the best minds in the industry working for you. Encore Theme Technologies is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

We are also a proud Finastra InFusion Premier Select Partner with the maximum number of site implementation successes. We have deployed Trade Finance and Core Banking implementations in over 30 countries across several banks and financial institutions.

Our vision is to be the market leader in providing core business solution software ‘as a service’ to our customers in an ever changing business environment.


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