Nithya Mahesh

Nithya brings over 18 years of marketing and communications experience, specializing in brand communication & strategy, sales enablement, analyst relations, public relations, digital marketing, strategic alliances, channel partner development & management.

Entrepreneur at heart, Nithya Mahesh believes that the ‘right communications’ to the ‘right audience’ at the ‘right time’ is central to achieving business objectives and increased ROI.  Following this belief, over the years, she has successfully enhanced the image of global companies such as 3i Infotech and Miles Software in the BFSI space. She has spearheaded brands, driven channel partner programs, pioneered digital marketing initiatives and helped businesses grow while maximizing the return on investments.

At Encore Theme, Nithya Mahesh is responsible for Strategic Marketing Communications, Brand Management, Media and Analysts Relations, Sales Enablement, Integrated Lead Generation, BTL Activities and Digital Media.

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