ThemeChain Supply Chain Finance (SCF) completely automates the supply chain finance process, linking the buyers, suppliers and the bank within one intuitive web-based system which collects, verifies and displays payables data for trade and settlement in a real-time, secured environment.

ThemeChain SCF is geared to meet the dynamically changing business requirements of banks and supply chain management allowing businesses to handle larger volumes, tackle competition, reduced margins, and customer expectations efficiently and effectively.

Multiple capabilities

Multiple capabilities

Multi-entity, multi-lingual, multi-currency capabilities.

Cash flow forecasting

Cash flow forecasting

Automated payment and settlement of transactions allowing cash flow forecasting.

Improved operational efficiency

Improved operational efficiency

Straight through processing (STP), for improved operational efficiency.

Automated reconciliation

Automated reconciliation

Automated reconciliation of invoices with payments and invoices.


Ease of use

Invoices and POs presented in multiple formats and payment modes for users.

Track transactional risks

Track transactional risks

Ability to track and manage credit and transactional risks.

Flexible billing

Flexible billing

Ability to support flexible billing and transaction-based pricing.

Define specific programs

Define specific programs

Can define specific programs to facilitate availability.



  • Stronger, collaborative customer relationships
  • Enhanced customer retention
  • Increased bottomline by supporting customer’s end-to-end supply chain
  • Increased reach and profile of trade finance organisation


  • Decreased cost of goods purchased
  • Reduced working capital requirements through improved Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)
  • Improved and more stable supply chain with greater visibility into financial supply chain
  • Improved seller relationships


  • Reduces the cost of capital through improved days sales outstanding
  • Generates flexible, predictable cash flow
  • Gains access to low-cost finance rate
  • Acquires more secure source of working capital
  • Gains visibility into payments process

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